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Precision Solar LogoDid you know that every day you receive free energy on your roof or in your yard? Did you know that you can easily transform that into electricity? Did you know that this can save you thousands of dollars per year? 

Energy from the Sun is free and endless. It sustains all life on Earth and is the main source of all our energy and weather. Even energy from thermal, hydro, wind, and tides owe their energy cycles to the effects that the sun has on our climates and weather systems. So why not gain your energy directly from the source?
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Solar Energy

It’s free if you collect it?

Solar Energy is good for the planet, but also directly good for your finances. No other direct investment in your home or business property will save you more money, year after year.

Carpe Solis


Your home is one of your greatest financial assets. Now it can save you more money per month than many investments.


Imagine your business could save 10-25% of it’s total expenses every month? Solar + Energy Storage can help your business collect the free energy falling from the sky and turn that into endless savings.


Energy storage is the smartest upgrade for utility-scale developments. Pasture lands upgraded to Solar farms.

Ready to Save an Extra 80-100% on Your Energy Bill?


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Here are some common questions that can help you start the easy journey to Energy Independence.

Can solar provide for all of my energy consumption?

Solar + Energy Storage can provide up to 100% and beyond your regular energy needs (most of the time). In the past, this was not possible due to technological limitations and high battery costs. Solar alone can provide you with 100% of your energy needs if you have an appropriately sized Energy Storage System (ESS). As an additional precaution you can use the local grid as a backup support system in emergency situations.

Can I afford solar + energy storage?

We have multiple financing options for you. We have a solution for every type of system and financial level. Plus, the cost of our systems is based on the manufacturing market, not the competitive North American market. This allows our costs to be accessible to a wider range of clients and still provide the highest quality equipment in the world.

What is ESS and why is so important for solar?

ESS  is an abreviation for Energy Storage System. It is a critical component of renewable energy. For years ESS was very expensive and many solar providers didn’t even provide or suggest it to clients. We are here to change that. ESS makes Solar the best investment above all other sources of energy generation.

Can I trust the quality of your equipment?

We work directly with the manufactures of our equipment. We spent over two years forging relationships and agreements with only the world’s best companies in the renewable energy sector. These companies are top tier mult-billion dollar bankable brand such as Canadian Solar, Schneider Electric, Enphase, Growatt and Tesla.

What’s New?

We are proud to offer two new solutions to the Central American market. Residential ESS and EV chargers.

New to Central America

Our Residential ESS solution. Starting at 11kWh of lithium-ion storage with a 10-year warranty. 

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