Precision Solar, a people company with energy solutions.

We are:

  • A company dedicated to the development of sustainable and resilient business and social structures.
  • A team of Costa Rican, Canadian, American & Russian entrepreneurs, engineers, electricians, and sustainability advocates.
  • Fathers and Mothers with children who deserve a world free of pollution and disease.
  • Innovators and inventors with a passion and drive to create bold and new solutions for the world’s greatest challenges.
  • We are Compassionate Samurai committed to being “bold ethical leaders, who will create a world that works for everybody with no one left out.”

Our team includes not only the incredible individuals below but also our growing network of financial partners, manufacturers, suppliers, government liasons, corporate and personal affiliates.

Precision Construcción Y Solar was formed in 2014 with the first goal of providing a dedicated construction and solar energy solutions to our sustainable real estate development projects. Since then it has taken on it’s own life and is now aiming directly at serving the installation and deployment of several hundred MWs of power in the Central American Electrical grid. This may be no small feat, but the need is far greater than the world’s current models of growth and development scales. We need massive action and NOW. We are expanding a network of sales and affiliate sources to assist in building business structures that will involve every level of the community. Whether you are a gardener or a government minister, you can be a part of the drive to make Costa Rica, Central America, and the Caribbean a beacon for sustainability and progress.

Our Vision:

We know the future will hold unbelievable challenges and this requires unbelievable solutions. Getting the world away from fossil fuels and other harmful energy sources is just step one of a growing movement towards clean and free energy. We envision a day when energy is ultimately free and is used as a source to further education, progressive development of technology, health, longevity and the eradication of global poverty. It is possible and it is coming.

If you would like to collaborate or partner with us contact us here and introduce yourself. You can also join our team by visiting our career page and working with us daily. We also have an affiliate program available to everyone (businesses and individuals) that allows every person to support us and profit from referrals to clean energy.

You can also support us by following us on social media by clicking the links below. So don’t hesitate, Seize the day, Join us now.

Carpe Diem, Carpe Solis