If you are looking for a fun and easy way to earn an additional income, you are in the right place. Precision Solar’s Affiliate Program is a tremendous opportunity for you to participate in the sales and development of Renewable energy systems in Costa Rica.

No special experience is needed except the desire to make a positively powerful impact on our environment and to easily earn additional income.

Costa Rica has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021 and we need your help to make that a reality.

Precision Solar and our Affiliate Program is rising to the challenge of offsetting carbon production over the next few years and beyond. There is an incredible opportunity for those who can bring the technology and resources to the residential, commercial and industrial markets of Costa Rica over the next 5-19 years. In the past, big corporations secured these opportunities for themselves before the public had a chance to be included in the profits.  Our program allows every person with a connection and a heart for Costa Rica to participate in the revolution towards a future of safe, clean and free energy.