Energy Storage  Rise of the ESS

The Energy Storage System (ESS) has been the missing link to making renewable energy generation feasible at all scales. Now you can attain this game changer with solar PV for a cost equal to what other providers charge for only solar.

Generating energy from the sun is smart. Using that energy day or night, rain or shine, is genius.

From 11kWh up to 2.1 MWh

Due to the aging of the power grid infrastructure, the O&M cost of utility companies has been rocketing higher each year.  While utility companies grasp with these challenges, coastal challenges and other weather factor make the situation worse. One of the largest utility companies in the USA announced in 2019 that there will be scheduled power outages for all its customers over the next decade. This situation is happening globally as the demand for power outstrips the supply. Here in Costa Rica, there are times when the utility company has an overproduction, however without any storage that energy is wasted. While they may overproduce energy at some times, at others they have a deficit and must buy energy from the Central American Network. This is not sustainable, nor is that bought energy 100% from renewable source. The solution going forward is Energy Storage from the Utility level right down to the Residential level. We believe every home and business should have its own power security control, thus, we offer these home and commercial energy storage solutions which allows owners to have their own microgrid. This is true Energy Independence.

How It Works

Every home or business has unique system requirements. Below is a diagram of a typical microgrid setup with a hybrid inverter and 22 kWhs of energy storage.

What You Get

Reliable energy and the lowest cost possible. Once you own the system, you just can’t beat the price of free solar energy.


Per Year


Per Month

Average Additional Savings with an ESS (residential)

Solar PV alone will not provide 100% savings on your electricity bill, however, an ESS added to your system can create your own microgrid. This allows you to maximize your potential savings and possibly reach 100% savings on your past electric bills.

Our Other Products

We are positioned to bring the cutting edge products from around the globe to your doorstep. From the highest rated Solar PV panels to EV charging, Energy Storage, Micro-Hydro Generation, Wind and even Hydropanels for drinkable water.


Solar energy + Air = Drinkable Water
The perfect sustainable, renewable, resilient, and decentralized solution available.

Energy Backup (ESS)

Never be affected by power outs or high electricity bills again. You can have your own micro-grid at your home or business.


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EV Transportation

A new EV charging network is needed and we have solutions

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