Concentrated Solar Power & the Fresnel Collector

The working principle of Fresnel collector is similar to parabolic trough collector. But Fresnel collectors use of several parallel flat mirrors instead of parabolic bent mirrors to concentrate the sunlight onto the receiver tube which is located several meters above the mirror field.

Coated steel tube

Himin independently developed solar selective absorbing coating is able to be adopted in medium and relevant preparation technology, and has applied research results into product named solar receiver (coated steel tube) which is the core component of Fresnel solar thermal power collector field.

The Himin solar receiver-coated steel tube has passed the inspection respectively by China National Solar Energy Center and German Fraunhofer Institute. The absorption ratio is lower than 8% under 300 ‘C, Moreover, the absorption ratio attenuation is lower than 3% and emission ratio increases less than 10% in 15,000 hours aging test performance. The greatest advantage is that the film later is stable and the performance is almost not attenuated in the medium and high-temperature (300 ‘C -350’C) air.

Trough Power

*Parabolic trough collector

Parabolic trough collector is a device collecting line-focus sunlight. It focuses and reflects sunlight onto the receiver tubes primarily by tracking the sunlight and also reflects the sunlight relied on the trough shapped parabolic mirrors, and then vapors the water by heat carrier. It also can provide thermal energy to the conventional thermal power stations or directly drives turbines to produce power.

*Parabolic trough receiver

Parabolic trough receiver (Straight-through high-temperature vacuum receiver tube) is the most essential component of trough solar thermal power generation. It is mainly made up of outer glass tube, inner metal tube, corrugated pipe, sealing metal ring, gutter, sunlight hood, selective absorption coating, anti reflection film and other components.

Tower thermal power station

A large number of heliostats are used to reflect the sunlight onto the surface of the high-temperature heat absorber  placed on the top of the central tower to heat the fluid working media (water, molten salt or air, etc.) and then generate super-heated steam or hot air directly or indirectly aims at driving the generators to achieve the conversion from solar energy to electrical energy.

the tower thermal power station usually contains five subsystems: the concentrator system, the heat concentrating system, the heat storage system, the power generation system and the power plant control system.

*Product Preformance

  1. The overall accuracy of the heliostat is higher than 3.5mrad;
  2.  Reflectivity of reflective mirrors is greater than 90%
  3. The strong wind resistance capacity ensures normal work in the wind at Class 6, and also features good impact resistance which is able to be applied in harse climate areas;
  4.  The supporting part adopts the modularized structure, featuring tapid site construction;
  5. High quality spot. 90% of the energy can be concentrated in the absorber  bull’s-eye area and is better than competitive products.

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