Solar Water Heater

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Business owners in the hotel and tourism industry know the kind of energy consumption that comes just heating water. Some smaller boutique hotels in the past even went without a proper heating solution to save on costs. In today’s market true hot running water is a must for guest showers and keeping mold at bay in linens. Having a cost-effective solution is a must. Having a solar heater on-demand hot water source is a not only completely possible but will lower a business’s operating costs almost instantly.

UTLE (Ultra Low Emission) vacuum tubes are used in Himin solar water heaters, which greatly reduces emissivity loss and ensures the solar hot water systems provide hot water even under extremely cold conditions.

Himin Solar has a special interest in providing solar products to the Hotel and Tourism industry in Costa Rica to help offset the carbon footprint of 50,000 rooms. Contact us today to see how you can benefit in this area.

  • It can be installed in a variety of ways to accommodate various roof shapes.
  • With the floater tanks, the water tank can be filled with tap water or other storage water tanks which conveniently keeps the tanks in a full state at all times.

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