Canadian Solar provides equal career opportunities, and is committed to supporting female talent. Overall employee career training reached 675,401 hours in 2018


Canadian Solar has shipped over 38 GW of modules to date, Which can generate around 47,839,467 MWh solar power per year, Reduce around 32.6 million tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to around 26,492,213 trees planted. Read the Sustainability Report.

Solar (PV) Panels

We provide Canadiansolar PV Panels. Canadian Solar is a premium brand Solar Panel manufacturer and has been ranked in the top 3 in Global sales and Quality/cost/efficiency ratios for the past 3 years.

Making the Switch to Solar Is Easy

Witin a day or two our expert team can design a system for your property and provide you with an estimation of your total cost, savings and environmental impact. by the following month, costly electric bills can be a faint memory.

Our Solar PV Panels/Modules

* Availability varies. Contact us today to ensure availability of your first choice PV modules

Assessment & Consulting

Precision Solar’s EPC will provide the best LCOE, and delivery performance for your project goals.

We provide:

  • Design to optimize the performance and reduce the cost
  • Project engineering
  • Procurement of PV modules and BOS component
  • On-site inspection and supervision
  • Construction support and planning
  • Project management and planning



We work hand in hand with GC INGENIERIA to bring the best service available. With 51 projects completed since 2007, our clients can rest easy knowing their projects are in good hands.

Manufacturing & Supply

We work with the top bankable brands in the industry and source our equipment directly from the manufacturers. With no middle men in our supply chain, this equates to a lower cost to our clients for the same top quality product that may cost more from our competitors.

Supply for high powered solar panels is always a moving target. We continueally stay in step with future supply and demand by forging a tight connection with both the market factors and the manufacturers.


Avg Mo. Savings (Residential)

What is your savings worth?

For home owners, saving 80-100% of their electric bill is a life changer. That extra money left over each month can pay for more food, better education, greater amenities, financial investment, debt payoff etc. The list is endless. So why continue paying high electricity bills each month? Every day, hundreds to thousands of watts of free energy are hitting your roof. Isn’t it time to started collecting that energy?

Our Other Products

We are positioned to bring the cutting edge products from around the globe to your doorstep. From the highest rated Solar PV panels to EV charging, Energy Storage, Micro-Hydro Generation, Wind and even Hydropanels for drinkable water.


Solar energy + Air = Drinkable Water
The perfect sustainable, renewable, resilient, and decentralized solution available.

Energy Backup (ESS)

Never be affected by power outs or high electricity bills again. You can have your own micro-grid at your home or business.


Coming soon...


EV Transportation

A new EV charging network is needed and we have solutions

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